copy from FlyerTalk.....Twas the Flight Before Christmas


Aug 20, 2002
ENJOY !! and laugh a little too.
Dedicated to my wife, Mrs. Atlantic Beach (I don''t care where I sit as long as it''s 2C and Sure, I''ll go on that Mileage Run with you if we can spend at least three nights at a Four Seasons) and my daughter, ABBeachBear, who posted the idea on 12/16/02 and had the good sense to study for her final exams instead of writing this poem.
''Twas the Flight Before Christmas
(with apologies to Clement Moore)
''Twas the flight before Christmas in First Class and Coach,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a roach;
The carry-ons were placed in the overheads with care
In hopes that DIP financing soon would be there.
The pax were nestled all snug in their seats,
Hoping to Get Out More and some other treats.
With the A in her beehive and the mechanics ball cap,
We all settled in, hoping to avoid Philly''s trap.
When out on the tarmac there arose such a clatter
I turned from my drink (with green lime) to see what''s the matter;
Was it a moose, goose or deer smash
Or just 2 330''s in a back-up crash?
It was only an hour, our normal ground hold
When Steve Wolf appeared and came in from the cold;
And I realized that the others all sitting near me,
Each had the rank of at least Senior VP.
Now Bronner, now Isom, now Dave and Michelle,
On Crellin and Glass, and Ben give them hell.
Treat the customers bad and the employees worse,
On Dash-8s and RJs. Always be terse.
I wanted to sell and make lots of money,
But something happened that wasn''t so funny;
We tried fees and rules and had the worst coaches,
And from out of seat pockets emerged these cockroaches.
If it wasn''t for staff always doing their best,
This airline would be on its'' eternal rest.
They made the passengers come back and be really loyal;
Despite some decisions and screw-ups so royal.
He then spoke not a word and jumped off the plane,
Followed by take-off clearance, had we all gone insane?
We rotated, gear up and skyward we rose
And I realize this ditty must now be closed.
To Piney and Ira and Deel, Cockroach Kings,
Doc, Tom, Zahn, ITRADE have all earned their wings;
An apology to others whose names aren''t in sight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight!

St. Leibowitz

Aug 19, 2002
That was good. Hopefully not an epitath.

I guess the break point is here (or nearly). Admission: if it had not already been gleaned from my posts, I fly an RJ for CHQ. I started in Jetstreams in '99 and while CHQ is now flying 4 codeshares, I have, by choice, been on the Airways side the whole time. I'm the guy with the stuffed dinosaur. CHQ is issuing generic CHQ hat brass and wings next week and is requiring us to turn in our USAiways brass in exchange. They will not be getting mine.

In my 26 years in the workforce and my 24 years in aviation, I have not worked with a finer group of people than those who recieve and launch my flights and sling my bags at the mainline stations, the mainline FA's who take care of us in the cabin when I commute and deahead (particularly the cabin crew on landing at PIT with the bad landing gear) and the flight crews who graciosly allow me the jumpseat. (FA jumpseat once; don't tell.)

To Piney, Itrade, Art, and all the loyal customers and insects, I offer sincere thanks for your support. Keep it up. Your appreciation is appreciated.

It has been a moderate to severe pleasure working with and serving you all over the past 3 years. I am optimistic that you will be able, through your courage, dedication, work ethic and pure mule stubbornness (all personally witnessed by me), to weather this storm and we will continue to be colleagues (albeit I will be a stepchild) for many years to come.

Keep the faith and never give up.

Dea Certe

Aug 20, 2002

Good Lord but that was too funny! Thank you for the laughs, the kind words and the encouragement. US has the best, most loyal pax in the world.

Please don't let up on management, keep those cards, letters, emails and phone calls coming! Perhaps CCY will finally understand that good will and good pax service cannot be underestimated when it comes to the bottom line. A little perk here and a kind word there makes all the difference.

Guys like you are the reason I can look forward to coming to work and keeping a good attitude. Thank you!!

PS: Were you poking fun at my hair do? I prefer to think of it as "retro", not dated!


Aug 22, 2002

What a hoot! God bless you and yours this holiday season.

And for the U family, God bless us all, every one.