Aug 30, 2002
There has been a lot of bashing going on at this site relative to wages of different groups. There is an area of cost I have not noticed covered. Let me tell you a little story. Many years ago I was a furloughed pilot working a ground job. Got to talking to an older mechanic one night. He told me a story about how some time in the past, he was doing a routine R&R of some ball bearing assemblies on the elevator of a Super Connie. (Remember that bird? I think it was a Capital Airlines bird at the time.) Anyway, the bearings he was replacing looked familiar. He stuck one in his pocket and took it home. Yeap, it was a front wheel bearing on his Buick, right down to the part number stamped on it. Cost difference? About a 1,000% more to buy it for a bird.
As I understand, the FMC in a B737-300/500 has about the same capabilities as a Commodore 64. Any of you mechanics know what the cost of parts is to replace a FMC in a B737-300/500?