Crew members and passengers injured by turbulence aboard Billings-bound flight


Aug 20, 2002
BILLINGS - Paramedics responded to a runway at Billings Logan International Airport on Monday afternoon, following a turbulent flight.

United Airlines has since issued this official statement;

"The flight encountered severe turbulence upon descent into Billings, Montana. Three crew members and a number of passengers were injured. Our primary focus is assisting our employees and passengers who were injured, and our flight safety team will review what happened."
Wonder how many of the passengers were out of their seats or had their seatbelts undone even though the seatbelt sign was probably on for landing. "I never go to the restroom late in flight until I hear the captain say prepare for landing." (Said to me once by a passenger.)
United Airlines attendant remains hospitalized
A United Airlines female flight attendant injured during severe turbulence on a flight from Denver Monday remained in a Montana hospital on Tuesday.
"We are providing her support and a United supervisor is by her side at the hospital," said Christen David, a United Airlines spokesman.
Numerous passengers and crew members were injured on Flight 1676, which declared a medical emergency on the trip after hitting a rough patch of turbulence on its descent into Billings around 1:30 p.m.
Just another good idea to keep the seat belt sign on, keep seat belt locked when seated in chair at all times.
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