CRJ Transcons?


Aug 24, 2002
What is the possibility of a CRJ-700 or the new -900 flying a route like DAY-LAX, DAY-LAS, etc?? Not necessarily a trans-con, but similar?
Would it benefit anything? Or would an aircraft like A A319/318 work better?? Costs wise?
According to the Bombardier web site, the range of a CRJ-700 is 1685 nautical miles and the -900 is 1930 nm. The range of the Embraer ERJ-145 is 1550 nm. The Airbus and Boeing jets have ranges in excess of 3000 nm. DAY-LAS is about 1700 miles and DAY-LAX is about 1900 so it looks like the only RJ that could make it without a fuel stop is the -900. I've seen a lot of discussion on the economics of RJs versus A320/737s. Overall it costs less to operate an RJ, but there are fewer seats to spread that cost over so the CASM (cost per available seat mile) is typically higher. RJs might have a cost advantage in very thin markets but lose out big time in the dense markets.
The ERJ-145XR that Continental Express will start receiving in October (8 aircraft for October, 5 for november and 5 for December)have a range of 2,000 nautical miles plus reserves. Co-Ex will start service from IAH to PSP, IAH to BOI, IAH to RIC and IAH to BUR in November, EWR to TUL, EWR to OMA, CLE to DEN in the same time frame.

It will be conceivable to fly from Newark to Burbank with two stops, one aircraft change on an RJ before Christmas.

I don't believe AA has any gate space at DAL right now. The area that they built up several years ago has been demolished as part of the Love Field Master Plan initiative that is underway. It would cost them a bundle to come back to DAL and they're in a cost-cutting mode right now. Here's a link to the Master Plan site:
I was sort of wondering when CO would use the ERJ-145XR to run EWR-DAL or LGA-DAL...or would that be worth the response from AA?