CWA it''s time to share...what the company is looking for from those of us remaining..........


Aug 20, 2002
I realize things just came about, but the CWA needs to share the demands with us....sometimes I feel like if I left.. some severance..unemployment...holidays at home..might be a better alternative to what the new year has to bring upon us. It's no longer fun anymore....was looking forward to labor a friendly work place...this has yet to be seen...feel more like a prison inmate these days.
If the company is offering to transfer MCO agents they need to be upfront with everyone about what is planned down the road..nothing like moving family..selling ur home and then getting furloughed...I realize being humane might be more than we can hope for..but why would the company pay to move someone if they will be layed off in upcoming months..?

Does CWA have a combined senority list of all offices to show us where we stand...?