Cwa Reaches Tentative Pact With Us Airways Coverin

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Jan 19, 2003
The Communications Workers of America has reached a tentative settlement with US Airways covering airport and reservations agents at the airline.
The agreement is subject to membership ratification. Materials and complete information on the proposed settlement will be sent to members' home addresses; members will vote electronically in an American Arbitration Association election process.
In the face of devastating demands for wage and benefit cuts and other concessions, the bargaining committee of CWA local union presidents and CWA staff was able to push back against some of the harsher and more excessive proposals made by US Airways management. US Airways filed for bankruptcy protection on Sept. 12 and has petitioned to abrogate its union contracts unless the unions agreed to concessionary settlements.

For More Information Contact:
Jeff Miller or Candice Johnson - CWA Communications
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