CWA update....8/21/02


Aug 20, 2002
Hello everyone...well it''s been quiet now hasn''t it?....I wish I had more to report but the latest is that our proposal to company last friday was denied because they said it wasn''t enough...according to the figures the company provided to our beancounters to use..we came up with a proposal at about 80pct of the "bogie number"...the company says were at about we used their numbers and they say it''s still not enough...SO the lawyers for both sides and accountants have been banging thru the numbers for the last couple of days...we have not been given a proposal to counter our proposal and the POST BK proposal has not been exposed yet because were still negotiating behind the be patient and wait and hopefully something will come together...The CWA is not hiding anything or deliberately withholding info it''s just there isn''t anything to report on.....I will keep u informed.......
I'd like CWA to respond to the "outsourcing" language the company put in. Everyone at work says they won't vote for any proposal with such language in it period. I'm sure CWA will not agree. But it sure would be nice to know if those rumors are factual. Because, if so, many agents will stop teetering on their judgement on U, they'll stop considering U and consider only themselves. Ironic. We've been considering the company for more than a decade and when the company has an opportunity to show their appreciation or at least consideration for the group that has helped them, they choose instead to spit on us. Enough is enough. The company will not be allowed to just do whatever they want to us and for whatever reasons. If they go under because we don't agree, it just means that U wanted to run the company into the ground. are correct. For what I am understanding the current proposal from the company does include a "blank check" proposal for outsourcing. Yea...let me vote yes on that bad boy!!!! NOT!!!!!!!