CWA Update December 24, 2002


Aug 19, 2002
Clarification of certain terms in the Tentative Agreement and extension of the CWA Passenger Service Ratification Vote:

The telephone and Internet ratification voting period will be from 9 AM Eastern on Friday, December 27, until 5 PM Eastern on Friday, January 10, 2003. The following clarifications by management have been made to the Tentative Agreement.
1. MDA Customer Service Supervisor premium is $1.00 per hour.
2. MDA Overtime provisions are the same as Mainline provisions.
3. MDA Shift Premium provisions are the same as Mainline.
4. MDA Furlough Allowance is capped at 5 weeks.
5. The following changes have been made to the proposed Health Benefit Plan. Note: Active and Pre-65 Retiree medical rates are an increase over the rates currently being paid, but Pre-65 Retiree rates, Post-65 Retiree rates and Dental rates are a decrease from management’s proposal of December 16.
Pre-65 Retirees same Base and Co-premium as Actives
Dental Co-premium for Actives and Pre-65 Retirees is 10%
Post-65 Retirees’ Co-premiums are as follows:
80/60 10%
90/70 19%
100/80 33%