CWA Yes vote probable!


Aug 21, 2002
After reviewing all of the Tentative agreement I have decided I do not like it and would vote no normally. However, Things are not going to remain normal around here.
The fact is that management doesn''t value it''s customer service and is seeking to get rid of all of us period. So, I believe it is no coincidence that we are being offered such good furlough benefits on this agreement.
It is likely and probable that U will quickly announce huge layoffs in customer service at the airports and closures or layoffs in Res. I would expect them to come early next week before we all start voting or just after. Many people would vote yes despite all the bad things this contract will do just because of those travel benefits after taking any type of furlough. 2 yrs if voluntary, 3 yrs if involuntary but keeping all our non-rev travel privileges including off line and buddy passes, emp + family. Many will opt out of this company from the top end on voluntary furloughs as people below take involuntary furloughs. Face facts here, the future of customer service at US Airways is a dark one with even harder challenges and worsening conditions. If most of us are to be let go anyway, why not take some benefits with us?
Hey Dave,
If you want my Yes vote, Furlough me now before I have to vote and you got it!


Aug 20, 2002
I have to agree with Oldtimer on this one. Lilninj, do you really think that if we vote no and leave our fate to the BK judge that we will have a more favorable outcome?


Aug 22, 2002
[P]The ATO's already have their furlough packages, so your theory doesn't wash. And I believe that Mr. Siegel had already said he may close another reservations office, but would not say when, nor which office it may be. There is nothing new here. If you are so certain that your job is going to disappear, polish up the resume, and move on now, so you will have an opportunity to build some seniority in another company. Oh! That's if you can find another job. [/P]
[P]Your pessimism is really sad. As a relative newcomer to this board, I have read nothing positive that you have written. I haven't really understood how you could be so negative about everything, if you fully understood the current market, where U falls into the grander scheme of things, and this country's economy as a whole, I don't believe you would be so quick to reject everything that has been proposed. Granted, this TA is not going to please everyone, but it is the combined input of the rank and file and your union has negotiated what they feel is the best proposal for us. [/P]
[P] [/P]


Aug 22, 2002
Here, here oldtimer. I really think the ones on this board saying to let the company burn, they can find other jobs no problem are really the ones that will have problems finding jobs. If they are so sure the company will fail anyway, why are they not getting a jump on everyone else, and getting ahead of them on the seniority list somewhere else?


Aug 29, 2002
Of course all the p*** benefits for travel mean nothing if you have NO income to spend when you get there!Maybe, just maybe those who stay on can make this a viable carrier so the rest of us on furlough can someday return....

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Aug 26, 2002
Of course, what good are travel benefits if the company doesn't exist. It would seem to the company's advantage to do whatever it can to have senior people leave the company as along as it doesn't cost more than replacing them. Space available travel is really pretty cheap to the company.


Aug 20, 2002
A couple of questions if anybody can advise....Is there a new furlough package out now...different than what was offered last October? And furlough non-rev travel privileges will include off-line (does it now?) and does travel privleges apply to parents (currently, no) And lastly, will the vote be for current active employees, or will it include employees on furlough? Thanks in advance for any info.


Sep 7, 2002
First thank you cwa for holding out and fighting for every- thing you have. I think you have fought harder than any other union. Let us all read the info for yourself before you make up your mind and then vote your heart. When I get all the info I will then make up my mind and vote.