D-ja ever notice


Aug 19, 2002
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Did you ever notice, when you enter the secured area how many TSA people man every station. Where I enter ther are 2 Xray units and about 15 TSA employees. Once in the secured area there is always another 10 or so on break sitting in the passanger boarding areas.
Two thoughts:
The airlines have to pay the Fed to employ these people. That''s millions that are taken out of what might have helped the bottom line. Airlines are a public necessity and the Fed mandated security measures should be paid for by the Fed.
2nd Thought I would love to have the same manpower manager in my department


Aug 20, 2002
I know what you mean!! I flew WN from LAS-ONT and was in the last boarding group so I had a cjance to watch a male & female TSA screen at least 11 other passengers. While these 2 screened all of us in the "C" group commented on how there were no less than 20 other TSA's just sitting watching TV in a gate area 2 down from where we were and in easy viewing of everyone. One guy asked the WN agent why the TSA were taking over WN's gate area and he joked that that was only half of them. TSA=Thousands Sitting Around!


Aug 25, 2002
I was speaking with an airport offical here in SLC a few weeks ago and he told me that the TSA had admitted to him that they had overhired here by thirty people, but that they were keeing them all.[BR][BR]An interesting side note, my son who is in college, has an interview with them next week for a part-time position. They are still hiring. Perhaps anticipating some turnover? Who knows. The government works in strange and mysterious ways...