Dave and other CEO''s get No Respect....


Aug 20, 2002
I wonder if Dave and company can sleep at night. I wonder what it is like to day being a CEO and President of a company where its employees do not respect or trust him? I suppose he can say to him self I saved 30000 jobs, I saved 30000 jobs But seriously i wonder if corp america really thinks that they have employees exactly where they want them. Dont they know that in the end with no respect or trust that one day it will all come back to bite them big time??? Inch by inch, todays unions are becoming unimportant when companies like US UAL Enron etc use Bk courts as a tool to correct management mistakes. Granted all fault cant be put on Dave and company but in the end (if he is still here which is doubtful,) one day corp america will see that Aunt Bee had the right idea when she practiced what she was taught. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOUD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU I wish that every CEO and Pres would have that as their motto in operating a company whether it is referring to fellow workers employees or customers. My oh my the days of Andy Griffth and company sure would be a breath of fresh air.

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