Dave, could you address this week's MSP severance rumors?


Aug 22, 2002
Perhaps walking down the hall to ask Dave face to face might get a more direct answer?

Oct 20, 2002
Dave -
Many of us in CCY can barely get any work done with rumors about more management severances this week.
Could you address these rumors directly? Are MSP employees in CCY going to be affected? And when?
I fully appreciate the circumstances our company and industry are in, so you do not need to restate the case for having to make more MSP cuts than originally planned.
I just want to know whether I should apply for a job at the PTO this week, that''s all!
Thank you.
Oct 20, 2002
Still no word from Dave, though I realize he is extremely busy with trying to restructure our great airline.
But I read the following today in TV Guide, and it made me think of how I've been feeling:

For five seasons, NBC's just-canceled Providence has been the network's Friday night feel-good family hour. But this year, we learned Melina Kanakaredes and her co-stars have faced more drama offscreen as they awaited their show's fate. Back in May, Mike Farrell — who plays her TV dad — said he felt 'frustrated' by NBC for keeping the beloved series on the bubble 'until the last possible moment' before renewing it for a fifth, albeit shorter, year. (The Peacock ordered only 13 episodes instead of the usual 22.) Just imagine his reaction to an abrupt axing!

'It didn't take long to see the handwriting on the wall,' the feisty Farrell tells TV Guide Online. 'I just think this was handled very cavalierly. As far as I'm concerned, it's the height of disrespect. I'm an adult and I know that there are reasons for which shows are canceled all the time, and I'm perfectly willing to deal with that. But I don't like being hung out to dry while people scratch their heads and make up their minds without anybody saying [anything to us].'

Dave, I'm an adult; and I've already acknowledged in my initial post that I know that there are reasons why our company may go through further cuts. I do not dispute those reasons. Are you trying to squeeze some extra work out of some of us before you let us go, or before we jump ship? I think I'm being less productive with all this worry: we say that we want our customers to get back to business, and I want to get back to business, too. If I knew I was reading the handwriting on the wall correctly (a.k.a. the 10/16 Jerry Glass letter), I'd wrap things up neatly in my little cubicle and let you let me go on good terms. Although employee communication has indeed improved, and I commend you for that, employee communication is not posting something on US Today, or publishing it a week later in Update or mentioning it on your Friday address, after we read it on the Internet. It's not like any of the rumored MSP cuts is sensitiive or information information, especially since our stock is not trading. So, will you please let me know if I should continue to give up non-revving on the weekends - one of our last perqs - in order to update my resume?


Oct 24, 2002
[STRONG]If I were earning as much as these TV folks make per episode, and invested it wisely, and built a stable, secure, but not overly lavish lifestyle around it, I would not be so worried about my show coming to a screeching halt, with or without advance notice. I will have no sympathy for Jennifer Anniston and the gang when their show goes off the air next spring. (One mil per ep?) ..LOL![/STRONG]