Dave needs some new advisers Eap is also an option


Aug 20, 2002
His obvious plan is to diminish CS to nuthin but techy level clerks at 13 an hr within 2 yrs per the new TA..that will never wash with me....I'll see ch 7 first...and HEAVEN next......


Aug 20, 2002
Unless u plan on cashing in on the old work contract also know as a golden parachute here is scenario maybe you havn''t thought of are been enlightened with
Now that we are practically number 1 on the airline scorecard and passengers are still kinda flying on US
we do have a source of revenue to pay bonuses from.
Also agents pay and other group pay is basically a living wage but just barely and there is some room for give but mostly take is the keyword around here.
Now here is the new US scenario IMAGINE
Part of the LOA and new cwa contract allows the company to create a new Express Agent Classification.

1. It allows all non hub mainline stations to be converted and staffed by Express classification agents hereafter for typing purposes known as MEA (Mainline Express Agents) who have a Tos of 13.01 after 11 years service. The only thing the company has to do to qualify your station for this new class is to limit larger mainline jet flying into your station to 4 months a yr. Hello Springbreak Thnaksgiving Christmas what ever seasonal traffic you have wrapped up into 4 months of big jet flying Guess what there is more
2. Within 18 mos this new policy will be implemented into all hubs and dca,lga and bos and MEA''s will be hired to work all Regionals and express flights from the furloughees created by this action. No more mainline jobs required to work the majority of flights with our new regional aircraft airline. Also ex express agent''s can be and will be hired and integrated into the new Mea payroll and seniority.
Lot''s of furloughed res agents ready to jump onboard also
And when you look at pay rates for Customer contact groups after the cuts what do you see
Customer svc agts 20.05 and club reps how many will there be left of these?
Bag Call Ctr and dividend miles 16.89 after 9/1/08 18.42
sars 14.42 14.82 after 2008 raise
and last but not least well actually it is the least
CWA MEA''s 13.01 and after 2008 14.18
NEW Scenario
New era and New airline
By this new era we will be at the bottom of customer satisfaction surveys
No number Ones here and no passengers flying either
No additional source of bonus money from revenue
and the real last laugh is no money left in the agent payscale to squeeze out for a bonus eithers or for company salvation we just want have any to give you will have already gotten it and squandered it away or is it squirreled it away into your bank accounts
HEY DAVE While you have the Number ONE team why not use it DON''T Abuse IT
USE IT wisely and we can all be winners not just a select few greedy people who don''t care about any one but themselves and what that can get from other humans so they have something to laugh about over martinis at the club.....