Yes that is correct. Since N7 has delayed the resumtion of DCA-LAS until atleast October 23,2002. USAirways has filed an application to the DOT to operate DCA-LAS with B757 equipment, thus replacing N7 since they have failed to restart the service since DCA has reopened.

ARLINGTON (theHub.com) - US Airways has filed an application with the Department of Transportation to begin flying nonstop between Reagan Washington National Airport and Las Vegas if National Airlines is unable to resume service.

US Airways is seeking slot exemptions previously granted to National, which have not been used for over seven months.

Congress in 2000 created 12 slot exemptions to the 1,250-mile perimeter rule, and DOT awarded National two of them for the Las Vegas service. The carrier, which is currently reorganizing in bankruptcy court, never resumed service on the route when Reagan National reopened following the terrorist attacks last September.

Since then, the airline indicated it would resume the service in August, postponed it until Oct. 3, and postponed it again until Oct. 23 at the earliest.

In its application, US Airways said its proposal “would provide substantial consumer and public interest benefits for air travelers to/from Las Vegas and Washington, D.C.â€￾

US Airways also noted that it was particularly hard hit by the lengthy closure of Reagan National last fall, as were surrounding communities and airport vendors. The ability to operate one of the beyond-perimeter services “will assist these stakeholders in their post-September 11 financial recovery,â€￾ the company said. US Airways would operate the service with 182-seat Boeing 757 aircraft.
Good to see CCY continuing to be as aggressive as they can be given the circumstances. I don't recall Wolfgang pursuing the original slot exemptions. It looks like HP is the only carrier also trying to get this right now, but they are already flying 1 R/T under this rule, with another direct via one of their two R/T to PHX. I would say that bodes pretty well for our chances on this. Especially with the UAL codeshare, this would seem to be beneficial to the public.

BTW, it is sure nice to talk about something other than labor issues.

I cannot discuss it in an open forum, but expect some other good news regarding this filing.