Dear John Letter

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Dec 30, 2002
I am away from the airline, currently on military duty and called back home to check in. Got this.

Dear John (410OhOne),

I want you to know and don''t want you to find out from anyone else but I have to let you go. Yes, I know you have valuable experience, an impeccable attendance record, a four year degree in Airline Maintenance Management. I know you passed your test in three months instead of the allowed six. I was there when you recieved your third Lower Minimum Program certification in less than a year. That is more than most mechanics at our company. I was on duty when you found that 6th stage muffler bearing leaking when no one else could during their three attempts. I was the one who took the phone call when you got a flight out on time by going outside your normal area of responsibility. No, you don''t abuse the sick call priviledge. You show respect toward positions of authority and your peers. You didnt do anything wrong, please understand. It is just that Tommy has a longer. I mean Tommy has longer seniority than you. Does that make him better? Well yes Tommy, in my eyes it does. I am sorry. Understand, that when the long list of boys I now have currently retire, I know they need to, I will call you. Please wait for me. I guess I am telling you to put your life on hold for me. Please John.

I am Sorry,
Ms. Company W Union

Well at least I have the military now. Many are on the street from what I hear.
Not open for further replies.