Death and Taxes!


Aug 21, 2002
I sit here and read post after post about this mess we are all in. Although I do not work for U, I am in the same boat just a different ocean. We as an industry are taking on water faster than we could ever imagine. Like the Titanic! There is so much hate and blame and faulty morals that we as Aamericans should be ashamed. I know that my first and foremost priority is to take care of my family at all costs. If that means working at Micky D''s then so be it. (And I dispise the fact that so many of us have forgetten where we have come from that we belittle the jobs and lifebread of others just because they dont make as much or as little as themselves)
The problem, simply put, is that we are so concerned about making money that we are willing to kill one another to have it. Managers are there for the sole purpose of making sure the company makes money. If that means closing routes or stations or diciplining employees because the customer said they were always right, it all boils down to making money. Siegle, Carty, Mullin or others are not here to help you. They are all onboard a feeding frenzy brought on by the media and reporters that only tell one side of the story to convince the masses to Buy my product
Until we all start caring about one another in this industry, there is absolutly no way any of us will survive! We are all like baloons. We start off small, get so big that we look great and then pop and some other baloon takes our place.
Feel the luv guys!
Good luck to us all!