December 27 ALPA Code-A-Phone Update



MEC CODE-A-PHONE UPDATE - December 27, 2002
This is Roy Freundlich with the US Airways MEC update for Friday, December 27, with four new items:
Item 1. The Company posted a CBS message [attached] today stating it is sending preference [forms] to all US Airways furloughed pilots in accordance with Attachment B-1 of the Restructuring Agreement. Once received:
Affected Pilots may use the preference form to submit their preferences for employment with MidAtlantic (MDA), Participating Wholly-Owned Carriers, or Participating Affiliate Carriers.
In addition, a pilot may also preference a category designated as other in which case the pilot will not be called for any vacancy until such time as another carrier is included in the preference list and the pilot has designated such carrier as a preference.
With respect to Midway Airlines vacancies, the Company will continue to call all pilots on the Affected Pilots List, regardless of whether a preference form has been submitted, until the end of January 2003.
After January 31, 2003, Affected Pilots who do not specify or submit their preferences can expect to be given the opportunity to fill a vacancy at a carrier (including Midway Airlines) in order of seniority when there are no more Affected Pilots who expressed a preference for that Carrier.
An updated MEC Fact Sheet on Midway Airlines that includes this
information has been posted on the MEC website at
Item 2. At ALPA’s request, the Company is offering, and ALPA has agreed to, an enhanced Voluntary Leave in Lieu of Furlough program for active pilots who will not be furloughed. These leaves will include at a minimum the provisions in Section 13 and 23(D) of the Contract as well as several enhancements. The leaves will be offered in system seniority order as staffing levels permit. Some of the provisions of this agreement include:
Voluntary Leaves will be offered in increments of six months duration, up to maximum of 36 months.
A pilot must be in active status in order to be eligible for voluntary leave.
Pilots electing to take voluntary leave will be provided with benefits in accordance with the provisions of Sections 13 and 23D of the Agreement as amended by the 2002 Restructuring Agreement. A pilot granted a Voluntary Leave will be eligible to remain in the Company’s group medical and insurance programs for a period of two months beyond the last compensable period. Thereafter, he may pay the Company an amount equivalent to the applicable premium in effect until the end of his leave or his recall.
On-line pass privileges other than companion pass privileges will continue for the duration of the leave.
Pilots will continue to accrue seniority and longevity for all purposes (inclusive of bidding and pay) for up to 12 months during such Voluntary Leave. Bidding seniority for all purposes (inclusive of bidding for Permanent Bid Positions, monthly lines of time, vacation, and recall from furlough) will continue for the duration of such Voluntary Leave. Pilots will continue to accrue sick and vacation time for the first thirty (30) days of a Voluntary Leave. A pilot will continue to accrue credited service for pension purposes for up to 36 months during such Voluntary Leave and may retire from Voluntary Leave status if otherwise eligible to do so. In no case shall a pilot remain on such a Voluntary Leave once all furloughed pilots have been recalled.
Other details, including the date that the leaves will begin, and the deadline for submitting a written request to be considered for a voluntary leave are available through your Chief Pilot’s office. If you are interested in a voluntary leave, please contact your Chief Pilots Office.
Item 3. The MEC’s Furlough Administrator is assembling employment information on Midway Airlines. This information will be posted on the MEC website once it becomes available. Please contact the Furlough Administrator with any questions you may have concerning this and other furlough issues at 724-457-2323 or by email at [email protected].
Item 4. Per MEC resolution, MEC Chairman Chris Beebe has called a special MEC meeting to convene in Pittsburgh on Thursday, January 2, 2003, at 2 p.m., and adjourn Friday, January 3, 2003, at 5 p.m., or at the completion of business. The agenda is as follows:
To discuss the method of allocation of the equity that will be granted to the pilot group as a result of the Restructuring and Supplementary Cost Reductions agreements.
Consideration of a consulting agreement for Steve Smyser to serve as a Scheduling advisor to the MEC.
Report from advisors regarding current Issues.
Whether the MEC wishes to consider amending the sequence of staffing of Midway Medium SJ authorized under LOA 83 in exchange for possible enhancement in the hiring of APL pilots.
The meeting will be held at the Wyndham Pittsburgh Airport. The telephone number for transportation information is 412-788-8800. Please be advised that portions of the meeting will be in closed session.
Please remember we have 1,356 pilots on furlough, with 392 pilot furloughs scheduled for January 7, and 79 pilot furloughs scheduled for February 4.
December 27, 2002, US Airways CBS message
Subject: Jets for Jobs - Midway Airlines
Due to the overwhelming level of interest and the very short time frame for the initial class at Midway Airlines, we have decided to call furloughed or prospective furloughed pilots in seniority order. We will call until we can fill the initial class of 18 pilots. For the remaining positions over the next several months, a Preference Sheet will be sent to all pilots furloughed from US Airways. This sheet will be used to indicate your desire to accept a job via the Jets for Jobs program.
For those interested in a position at Midway Airlines, a copy of the Midway contract has been placed on the ALPA (pilots only) website. We will call pilots to fill the initial class and use the Jets for Jobs Preference Sheet to fill future positions at Midway, as well as any other positions that become available to US Airways pilots under the Jets for Jobs program.
Captain Lyle Hogg
Senior Director Flight Operations