Delta Air Lines Expands Service to Italy with New Nonstop Boston Flights And Cincinnati Flights Year

Nice to see DL adding int'l flights instead of the usual cutting of flights. It's especially nice to see DL doing the flying instead of codesharing it out to's about time.

DL's Italy Schedule for next summer is actually pretty impressive:





I think CVG-MXP should be next to pick up the slack from UA's recent departure from the MXP market.
It nice to finally see Delta flying to Europe(it flew to LGW briefly) from BOS to FCO. How about CDG? Rome is nice but it is really too far south for a European hub, CDG is obviously a better hub. I think DAL should fly from all its hubs to CDG, from all those cities it flew to FRA. Remember DFW, LAX, MCO flights to FRA, DAL should fly its own planes from these cities to CDG. Salt Lake to CDG should have started long ago.
BOS-CDG was in the plans and DL had announced they were going to start it in Spring '02. Then 9/11 came and the plan was halted. For now, DL will just keep codesharing on AF's two daily BOS-CDG flights.

I think DL will eventually fly BOS-CDG. As for your other suggestions, I doubt it. MCO-CDG is too low-yield. DFW-CDG has too much competition from AA...its best to let AF fly this one. LAX-CDG...LAX isn't really a hub for DL anymore. Plus, the route is a little long for DL's 767's to fly. SLC is too weak of a hub right now...there's not enough O+D traffic. The only way SLC-CDG would work is if DL added a ton of new connecting cities and even then it would be questionable. There have been rumors of FLL-CDG, but I don't know if the yield potential is really there.
I'm sure that once DL opens its new Terminal A in BOS, it will add back LGW. Of course, it may also try to restore the codeshare relationship with VS that they discontinued a few years ago.

Hopefully, they will be please with the coming summer's BOSFCO results and make that year round, like they just did with CVG.

Until Terminal A is opened up in BOS though, I expect they will probably lay low in BOS, as Terminal C is so congested, and if you try to go through security during peak times, you can count on a good 45 minute wait!

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