Delta Air Lines Reports August Traffic


Aug 19, 2002
Overall, the results for August were very good. The load factor was over the 75% break even mark so DL was slightly profitable for the month. I also noticed how DL is matching capacity with demand very well. most of the decrease in traffic numbers come very close to the capacity cut numbers. I also think, although it was not stated, that DL did very well in on-time departures for this month as it was the first month that the no-tolerance program was set up by station managers. Under the program, flights that depart even 1 minute behind schedule are considered late, although it does get reported to the DOT as late as usual if it is under 3 minutes after skd time. This is making agents and crews work a little harder and faster to get the plane out early or on-time. Overall I think DL is on its way back to the top.