Delta employee arrested with more than $282,000 in backpack

So to recap, we've had:

*A UAL pilot running brothels.

* A B6 F/A trying to get through security with 70 lbs. of coke.

* An AA F/O trying to fly drunk.

...and now this...

What a week!
Let's not forget the Egypt Air hijacking too.  Although I haven't heard yet if he was an airline employee. Just a lot of crap this week in aviation as you mentioned.  I'm expecting much more tightened employee screening coming in the future.  Hate to see it, but it appears it is needed...
He said he had done this several times in the past year and only had $4000 to show for it?

Dumbest criminal ever.
I could not agree with you more.  Evidently the concept of a percentage commission, say even 5%, escapes this joker completely.  A measly 5% would have gained him $14,100 for just this one run.