Delta EPS Growth Falling For First Time Since '12

let's see how well the analysts' predictions play out.

The Ebola crisis for the US airlines hit after the 3rd quarter closed so I'm not sure it is really relevant.

Fuel prices are falling so dramatically that an offset in demand could well reduce revenues but the reduction in fuel prices might have a bigger impact - and fuel prices again have fallen heavily over just the past week after being relatively stable.

DL managed to grow its network larger than either AA, UA, or WN, post a modest RASM increase, has said that non-fuel costs will be near flat, and operating margin will likely exceed 15% so there are a lot of pieces that favor continued strong performance for the 3rd quarter with potential slowing coming later.

Further, DL has led the US industry in financial results for years and no analyst has suggested that is changing. If DL is seeing weakened financial results, the rest of the industry will as well.

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