Delta To Charge Employees More For Medical If Not Vaccinated


Apr 16, 2008
Do they?

Delta is far more contagious, yet statistically, fewer people appear to be dying. It's a scientific fact that variants become less pathogenic as they become more contagious.

The numbers that get attention appear to serve a purpose - scaring people into submission.

Theres a big difference between people being in hospitals WITH Covid and people in hospitals FROM Covid. Many are asymptomatic but only find out they have the virus when they're tested on admittance.

Likewise, people are dying WITH Covid but not necessarily FROM Covid. That's been a huge problem with the reporting since the beginning.

When the reporting focuses on high level data without that extra context, you have to wonder why...
Aug 20, 2002
DEL - DUH is the ONLY major airline, NOT saying that they''ll Comply with the Vaccine Mandate. They're in a very tough spot, being located in Hot - lanta' GEORGIA. (Millions of anti vaccine Rednecks in the 'good ol' SOUTH' ) !!


Nov 14, 2003

So the virtuous Ed Bastain has thumbed his nose at the "divisive Biden mandate" while at the same time penalized employees who refuse to comply with a $2400 surcharge on insurance. How is it all other CEO's are claiming their hands are tied and "have no choice but to comply" with the mandate yet Bastain somehow does not have to comply? IMHO, I doubt Delta will risk losing govt. contract revenue over not strictly enforcing the mandate and within 2 weeks of the Nov 24th deadline will change their policy to match others in the industry. I also believe an accurate number of those unvaccinated will not be known till after the purge of the non-compliant occurs on Nov. 24th.

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