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Aug 15, 2007
Your statement actually falls short of the full potential of the current state of technology. Technology already exists not only that allows an entity to track a person, but also control that person's behavior. Personally, I don't know if or to what extent that is currently happening, but the technology is certainly in place. For instance...

--Microsoft and Moderna have already spoken publicly about the current ability to store data within DNA, and to apply a biological operating system and "software" via mRNA technology. (Hmm, mRNA...where have I heard that term before?)

--The current state of nanotechnology combined with advances in the applications of graphene/magnetized graphene allow for the manipulation of the spin of electrons within the atoms--including within DNA.

--The current state of quantum physics gives us the understanding and application of the principle of quantum entanglement which allows for the remote manipulation/spin of one quantum particle (say on an quantum computer/server) entangled with another quantum particle (say an electron within a individual's cell/DNA.

...and further down the rabbit hole one can go--all with the ability to back it up with current publicly available information. Oh, and don't forget to throw in the current work that CERN has done as well as what they are re-tooling and gearing up to do within the next few years (or sooner) in all that consideration as well.

I'm too lazy right now to post the links that back up my comments above, but if someone doesn't want to look for them on their own and asks very nicely, I could dig them up and post.
Well, I felt remiss not providing some mainstream links to support what I noted previously. So, here's some (but not an exhaustive list of related links to support the current state of the related technology and capability:

On Microsoft's DNA storage claims: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/project/dna-storage/

On Moderna's DNA operating system/software claims: https://www.vmware.com/content/microsites/possible/stories-in/moderna.html

On magnetic graphene applications: https://phys.org/news/2013-05-magnetic-graphene-revolutionise-electronics.html

On basics of quantum entanglement: https://www.wired.com/2016/05/simple-yes-simple-guide-quantum-entanglement/

On CERN's short-term, and intermediate plans: https://home.cern/news/news/accelerators/new-schedule-lhc-and-its-successor


Aug 19, 2002
Puget Sound
Can someone answer why Afghanistan isn't some big Covid hot mess. I would guess that their healthcare system and vaccination status is not as good as ours. You would think they would be dying like crazy there(maybe they are and won't tell). Maybe the burkha is their answer to masking. Who knows?


Oct 29, 2002
FWIW - 20 years ago Bears and I were total opposites on this board. Then the Yankees came to KC to play the Royals and Bears made the trip. I met him for lunch. Actually a very nice guy. If Rushbo was "just his radio role", then NHBB is "just his message board role".
Just has this mild keyboard affliction.

Aug 20, 2002
Well, back to work tonite after 3 weeks of 'Delta' interuption.

Damn, it doesn't take long before 'my 76 year old dogs' start aching after the briefest of (a) layoff. (Chit' load of walking in a 15 gate airport)
But those $20 TIPS are soothing !!!!!!!!!!

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