DL Announces Elimination of most award ticket fees

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Nov 30, 2009
Just got this e-mail like 2 minutes ago and I'm pleasantly surprised.

SkyMiles Award changes are arriving.
Redeem Miles

Dear Mr. Sparrowhawk,,

As part of our efforts to improve your SkyMiles experience, we are eliminating SkyMiles Award Ticket redemption fees, effective immediately.

This means you will no longer pay a redemption fee of up to $150 when you book an Award Ticket within 20 days of departure. Award Tickets booked 21 days or more prior to departure will continue to have no Award redemption fee.

And, we're now waiving all Award redeposit and reissue fees for our Diamond and Platinum Medallion® members.

So redeem your miles today for a last-minute trip or the vacation of a lifetime — and enjoy one less fee and more value for your miles.

Learn more about Award Travel changes and get the latest SkyMiles program news at delta.com/whatsahead.

We're proud to offer more ways to redeem frequent flyer miles than any other airline — including airline tickets, mileage upgrades, car rentals, hotel stays, Delta Sky Club™ memberships, merchandise and 30+ types of gift cards. Last year, our members redeemed more than 230 billion miles in the SkyMiles program for over 11 million Award redemptions.

Visit delta.com now to begin redeeming miles.

We look forward to serving you soon.

J. W. Robertson
Vice President - SkyMiles
:angry: Leave it to US to hassle their regular customers by charging to redeem miles.The so called processing fee,$25.00 for domestic flights and more for international flights is a joke.No us employees are used to make the award reservation,all the work is done by the customer online.I could see a fee for using a res agent for the booking but not when the customer does all the work.

I have told friends to avoid building miles on us but to use aa as they do not charge a fee and they are the most liberal in honoring requested dates for travel.I used the same dates for travel and AA meet most of my needs where as US and UA could not accomodate my requests.
Do what you have to do, then perhaps, (wishful thinking) the sand castle will awaken.
They still need to DUMP SOME Shift Managers,,they are up at the t/c , yes behind the counter asking us questions, what passengers ask them!

So annoying..oh, and dont forget that stupid clone soldier..my response? Next in line: :D
1. Nothing to do with US Airways per se.

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