Does EL AL continue to advise U.S. on Security??

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Aug 20, 2002
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[H1][FONT color=#cc0000 size=3]Guards foil hijack on Israeli El Al flight[/FONT][/H1][SPAN class=cnnStoryTime][BR][BR][B style=FONT-SIZE: 14px]ISTANBUL, Turkey (Reuters) --[/B] [B style=FONT-SIZE: 14px]Israeli security guards on Sunday foiled a suspected hijacking attempt on an El Al Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul, a Turkish airport official and Israel Radio said.[/B] [BR][BR]The flight landed safely in Istanbul, airport sources in Turkey said. The Istanbul airport official said one terrorist was being held. [BR][BR]Israeli media said that a man, apparently an Israeli Arab, tried to storm the cocckpit of the plane before security marshals on the plane caught him. It was not clear if the man was armed. [BR][BR]The reports said about 170 people were on the flight. [BR][BR]We heard people saying there was fighting and half a minute later it became clear that from row five or six a man ran amok towards the pilot's cabin, attacked a stewardess and tried to enter the cocckpit, an Israeli passenger on the plane told Israel army radio. [BR][BR]We saw a stewardess running like crazy from the front of the place to the business section...she was terrified, said the passenger, identified as Menachem. [BR][BR]Security guards threw him to the floor with his legs spread and his face to the floor. The passengers were hysterical but the flight attendants were very cool, they calmed us down, he said. [BR][BR]The Istanbul airport official said the air traffic control tower received a warning as the plane was approaching the airport over the Sea of Marmara. [/SPAN][BR]
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