Double Down



Dear Glenn,
It’s time for United to Double Down.
Let’s not go through the agonizing process of Chapter 11.
(Watching the process of USAir is demoralizing)
Go for the biggie, Win (and win big) or Chapter 7!!!
Tell the employees (yes, that includes myself) to accept 9 Billion in cuts proposed or look for new positions.
Cut the tethers in both the IAM, and ALPA contracts.
Replace Utech, and Norman (Keep them on as a consultants if you must).
Include profit sharing, and stock options.
No snap back unless profitable.
Address the ‘Quality of Life issues’.
Then leave it in the hands of the employees to choose “LIFE or DEATHâ€￾.
It is better to die on your feet (Chapter 7) than live on your knees (In Chapter 11)!!!