Downsized hubs and host airports

Aug 20, 2002
Good NYT read on what happens to airports when hubs are pulled down.

We all know the story of PIT; STL and CVG have seen it, too.

The fate of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport may be a portent for other airports serving smaller cities around the United States.Once the main hub of Trans World Airlines, the airport offered as many as 475 departures a day. But now, there are just 256 daily departures, leaving half the concourses at the older of its two terminals vacant and the airport scrambling to find new, revenue-generating uses for the space.

The story mentions how UAL walked away from its hangars leases at OAK (not unlike US and PIT)

Perhaps the saddest line in the article: “A large number of airports in the United States today are totally dependent on the 50-seat airplane for access to the air transportation system,”

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