Dr. Bronner- song

Jan 5, 2003
Ode to Doctor Bronner * (to the tune of Old Suzanne)
Oh, he came from Al-a-bam-a,
For to save our com-pan-y,
The mon-ey from his pen-sion plans,
To cure our ban-rupt-cy.
Well, he told us that we had to give,
And give a lit-tle more,
We’ll an-te up our pen-sions too,
to help his prof-its soar.
Doc-tor Bron-ner, a “friend†to you and me,
But if we don’t all kiss his ass,
Our jobs are his-to-ry.
Our lab-or costs are prob-lem one,
He tells us this is true,
But man-age-ment has done it’s part,
Big bon-us-es they¹re due.
Now, Dr. B and Dave are friends,
At least that¹s what they say,
But from the shad-ows, in the end,
The Wolf will have his way.
( Repeat Chorus)
Soon Bron-ner will con-trol our board,
We’ll thank our luc-ky stars,
He¹ll dump our U.S. Lo-go flag,
To use the “Stars and Barsâ€.
He’ll paint our air-planes reb-el gray,
And ca-ter coun-try ham,
And fin-al-ly comp-lete his coup,
With a hub in Birm-ing-ham.
( Repeat Chorus)
* Dr. David Bronner is the CEO of Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) and manages
over $ 25 billion of Alabama Teachers and State Workers Pensions funds. He is funding US Airway¹s bankruptcy and will be a 37.5% owner and control the Board of Directors after reorganization. He recently told US Airways workers to endure massive wage and pension cuts or he would liquidate the company. The other “Dave†is David Siegel, CEO of US
Airways. Stephen Wolf is the former CEO and current Chairman of the US
Airways Board of Directors.