Eagle moving into Gainesville, FL?

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Aug 21, 2002
Miami, FL, USA
I received notice that GNV was currently in trying to bring in three other airlines. Ever since Gulfstream cutoff the GNV-TPA flights, there are no easy access flights to the rest of Florida (all roads lead to CLT and ATL). Could Eagle be considering it? The market isn''t big (since it''s a college town), yet CCAir and ASA have been there a while so there must be SOMETHING going on.
After Discover Air ended schedule services to become all-charter this past October, MIA has been without scheduled flights to GSV. I definitley think that a market exists for three daily ATRs to MIA.
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US Airways Express had MIA-GNV nonstops, but cut them about 4 years ago(?). So I don't know what the deal was with that. The fares would have to be low so the college students (who could make up a good % of pax) could afford them, yet it's much better than the very dull 6 1/2 hour drive to South Florida.
Given Eagle's restrictions...I can't imagine that GNV would be a real priority. I doubt anyone is really interested in flying GNV-MIA/FLL.

I think the best bet might be DL using Chautauqua...however the flights would likely go GNV-FLL since DL has a larger presence in FLL. DL already flies TLH-MIA, TLH-FLL and starting next month TLH-PBI. However, these flights are a mix of state gov't officials (GNV doesn't have that) and college kids from FSU/FAMU.
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