EMB170 or CRJ?

Light Years

Aug 27, 2002
In Daves last address he apparently stated the company is in discussions with both Embraer and Canadair for its MAA 70 seat jet order. I would hope its the EMB, its looks much more pax friendly, like a mini-Airbus. It seems like the EMB170 family is perfectly suited for much of the east coast short haul network. It would be silly to operate both types, but I suppose like everything else its all about the better deal. I heard that Mesa is moving their CRJs to HPX ops and ERJs to USX- is US trying to have all ERJS in the Express network? But again, Midway has CRJS.
If the 170 mates-up to existing jetways, then it gets my votes. It's embarassing to be in a smaller station where rjs are the bulk of the service, and you still have to board in inclement weather.

"take a look at Exhibit B, page six, number 11:"

"The deployment of regional jets plays a critical role in the Debtors reorganization. Regional jets, which range in size from 37 to 76 seats, will be used by the Debtors in smaller markets than the Debtors cannot profitably serve with mainline jets. In order to accomplish this plan, the Debtors will grow its regional jet fleet from 70 units to 300 or more units over the plan period. Although some of the units will be placed with third-party code-sharing relationships, the Debtors plan to operate 160 units at US Airways including its regional affiliates. These units operated by the Debtors are forecast to contribute approximately $750 million in pre-tax profitability over the seven-year forecast period and are critical to the success of the reorganized Debtors. To achieve this, the Debtors will need to finance approximately $3 to $4 billion or more regional jet purchases. This financing would not be available to the Debtors if the current pension contribution were to remain in place."

UAL says they need more RJ's. If and when passengers return to flying, can you imagine the ATC nightmare with all of these 50-100 pax jets buzzing around. A 50 pax RJ takes up the same airspace as a 747.

Bring a lunch.

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