Employee Pride


Nov 27, 2002
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Copied and pasted from the USAirways Employees web site http://www.usairwaysemployees.com/
Employees Pride is Keeping US Airways Running Smoothly
By Jerry Gobin
Under the pressure of pay concessions, higher health benefits and furloughs, What is keeping
US Airways running smoothly? It''s called Employees Pride. How is that you ask?
It''s called having the best of the best in the airline industry. Employees well trained in their jobs, knowing and preparing for the task at hand.
Even through all that has happened in the past year, US Airways flights are still the best in on time performance and has some of the safest aircraft in the air today.
Passengers should feel safe knowing that their aircraft can be checked up to three times for any type of problems. Flight crews are required to do a walk around of the entire aircraft. Maintenance does their walk around as soon as the aircraft reaches the gate and ramp employees also tend to look the planes over for anything out of the ordinary.
It is sad to see so many talented employees being furloughed from stations and reservations around the system. US Airways employees are like a second family to each other, always willing to help a fellow employee in need.
So we say to all the employees at US Airways, keep your chin up, and keep doing what you have proven that you can do the best.
I add ... Thank you Jerry .... the sooner we turn this around the sooner we can get those who are furloughed back to work ...