employment opportunities

I have been watching this board for awhile. Reading those that make sense, and those who call for the companies failure. For those that think there are better jobs out there, think again.
I was furloughed more than a year ago. I accepted a recall in another department, so that means I had to move my family. My husband has a Masters Degree, loads of experience but was unable to find a job for a year. Started to wonder if moving was a good idea. He finally found a job with no benefits, low pay starting out, and 60 hours of work a week.
I still have co-workers furloughed for over a year, and they still do not have another job. If you will read the papers, the average response you get to resumes is three in 100. Those are just responses, not offers.
I talk with people that are out of work trying to go to job interviews in other cities but can't afford to go even at todays low fares. Think about it people, if we go to war things will get worse. You may not care about yourself or your job, but others do. If we liquidate there will be at least 34,000 people looking for jobs at one time. Are your qualifications good enough to beat them to a job? I plan on getting another job one day, but I want to do that on my terms. There are a lot of us at U who have picked up and moved to keep our jobs, No job is not an option for us.
No, I think the economy and 9-11 have set the terms.[BR][BR]1 - fuel prices are at a 5 year high.[BR][BR]2 - the economy is not so hot.[BR][BR]3 - fliers aren't as willing to fly as they were before owing to security constraints.[BR][BR]4 - AirTran, JetBlue, and Southwest continue to expand.[BR][BR]
Itrade's comments are accurate about the fundamental issues facing our company and industry; however, I believe the union contract terms are being set by the ATSB, RSA, and GECAS.