ERJ pilot contract


May 20, 2003
What''s the latest news concerning the pay rates on the ERJs? Are there talks going on between management and the pilots? What is the general feeling in the pilot group about this aircraft order? Is management trying to create two pilot groups to pit against each other like at all the other majors? I hope things are going well.
First of all, just a minor clarification, it''s not an ERJ. It''s a mid-size jet. The 717 is not called a BRJ and it''s pretty close to the same size.

No payrates have been determined. I''m sure there will be plenty of discussion down the road, but suffice it to say there will be no "pitting" one group against the other. Upgrades are going to come pretty quick so the fleets will need to be mutually supportive financially as well as psychologically.