explaining these fare rule to the uneducated or senior citizens.....


Aug 20, 2002
This is not an easy task with the use it or lose it rule....no matter how much we stress the new rules...I'm still not sure they are grasping the concept...Hope it is printed large and bold on the e-ticket confirmation and is in understandable terms...does anyone know how it appears on confirmation letter ?
uneducated was wrong term...just meant those who are not travel smart/ or regular travellers...
How about this to give to passengers?

Improve on it to make it 'fool-proof'.


Important information for NON-REFUNDABLE tickets issued after August 26, 2002.

--- Standby is no longer permitted. However, if you check in less then the 30
minute ‘cut-off’ time or ‘show up’ at the Airport within -two- hours of the
scheduled departure of your flight you may standby for the next flight.

--- Effective January 1, 2003, you may standby on earlier same day flights for
a $100.00 service charge.

--- Please, don’t be a ‘no-show’. If your plans change, you MUST contact
USAirways (1-800-428-4322) before any of your flights depart to make changes
and pay any applicable charges and/or fees.

If you do not notify USAirways of changes before your scheduled flight departs,
your ticket is forfeited, and has no value. You will have to purchase a new