F/A's @ SWA & AA Are Now Wanting To Get Paid For Boarding


Oct 23, 2010
Knew this was coming. Now watch and learn Delta, while the other airlines will improve that agreement and get full pay instead of 1/2 pay for the boarding side, but, Delta also knew this was coming after they started it. They know the other airline groups will bring in boarding pay and get do it at a higher pay where Delta can save more on the cost side. Just like they did when they started all the mechanics pay increases when SWA, AA and United were all in contract nego's or discussions of pay increases and Delta pulled the trigger on some pay raises that put their employees the highest pay first (that always makes Delta look good) knowing full well all the unions at all the other airlines would get higher pay and after all said and done Delta would still have the lower cost of the legacies at the end, but was the first to offer the increases to remain non-union. So smart Delta and perfect timing. Now watch the other airlines F/A's groups get theirs. May have to wait until nego's open up, but they will...


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