F100 Retirement

On 1/13/2003 4:13:28 PM will fix for food wrote:

What is the official word as of now on how fast they will be gone?
2004 is the word we got, I'm on 3B, and we are the only dedicated F100 dock still operating, sometime in April we will shut down and move to Boeing and start Mylar mods on 80s. 3D will pick up about 3mos of work from us and that should be it for the "BARBIE JETS".
You know it never ceases to amaze me how the mgmnt mind works, here we have a line that been working F100s since day 1 and a line that hasn't worked 1 for the past 3yrs, now to someone this makes sense to close down a line that works them everyday, and give them to a line that hasn't worked them in 3yrs, wouldn't have been a much simpler matter to just continue letting the current line finish, and put the other line on the mylar mods, but that was mgmnts decision, but what do I know. I've been told that "I don't see the big picture", if this is how it looks I don't think I really want to see the picture at all.
Maybe the other line is going to work on the Barbie Dream Jets for three months and then be laid off - if I was in management that's what my thinking would be. Meanwhile, your line has three months experience at doing something the other line knows nothing about. Better them than you.
I agree, this movement is related to upcoming layoffs.[BR][BR]Which is rapidly becoming TOP priority.[BR][BR]I have heard 3000 Title One with 1200 in Tulsa being affected.
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On 1/16/2003 5:34:18 AM RV4 wrote:

I agree, this movement is related to upcoming layoffs.

Which is rapidly becoming TOP priority.

I have heard 3000 Title One with 1200 in Tulsa being affected.

About what date would be the cutoff if 3000 is correct?

1996? 97? 98?

How many mechanics are in Tulsa overall?
Consider this: AA could shut down MCI as all those mechanics there would not be able to bump and would not be entitled to the $12,500 relocation pay. They have 100% seniority as long as they are in MCI and STL with no protections. Just a thought!
MCI Shut down is now a no brainer.[BR][BR]I also believe the $12,500 is not an issue with AA once the WAR begins.[BR][BR]The question I keep attempting to answer is if AA could move MOD Work to line stations and shut down both MCI and AFW and do only heavy checks in Tulsa on all aircraft left in fleet after full downsizing has been accomplished.[BR][BR]This would virtually eliminate all Article 15 moving expenses except AFW to TUL transfers. Line Mechanics would be kept working on Mod work. And RIF would mostly be OSM's who have no qualifications to move/bump anywhere. It is most interesting that there has been a steady flow of management recently relocating from AFW to TUL.[BR][BR]This would maximize head count reductions in maintenance while virtually reducing moving expenses to only AFW to TUL mechanic transfers. [BR][BR]End result...[BR][BR]Massive headcount reduction with minimal moving allowance expenses.[BR]

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