FAA/ DOT Drug Screen results

Sep 28, 2002
Does anyone know the chain of command for FAA/ DOT drug screen results?
For instance; If someone ( let''s say a furloughed res agent) gets recalled to an airport , fails a drug test and is subsequently fired...... Should they forget about ever working for another airline PERIOD?
They failed the test in Boston ( at Logan) and they currently reside in NY. They weren''t really given a lot of information (other than you failed your drug test and you''re fired)...
Has this happened to anyone else you know of? Does anyone know if those results are available to other airlines? or if applicants names are submitted to the FAA ?
They''ve just sent in an application for American Eagle ....they told the truth and checked yes for the Have you failed a drug test? questions...... which would (I''m pretty sure) preclude one from further consideration for most aviation/ airline jobs....But we''re looking for any input/ insight you might have.