Fake News

Glenn Quagmire

Apr 30, 2012


"It's time for a new rule on the web: Double, no, triple check before you share. Especially if it seems too good to be true.
Why? Look no further than Donald Trump's Twitter account. Trump claimed Sunday morning that "Twitter, Google and Facebook are burying the FBI criminal investigation of Clinton."

Not only was there no proof of this, but it was pretty easy to disprove. The FBI email inquiry was at the top of Google News; FBI director James Comey's name was at the top of Facebook's "trending" box; and Twitter's "moments" section had a prominent story about the controversy.

Nevertheless, Trump's wrong-headed "burying" claim was his most popular tweet of the day. About 25,000 accounts retweeted it and almost 50,000 "liked" it, helping the falsehood spread far and wide."


Sep 30, 2003
First, the election is rigged, and now the Washington D.C. insiders have gained control of Twitter, Google, AND Facebook. Where will it all end?
Where will it all end? With Hildabeast and Huma Weiner in a cell next to each other. Tony Weiner can be the pool boy.
Aug 20, 2002
Former Assistant FBI Director Jim Kallstrom: "Clintons have a long trail of lying". Sad news for Hildabeast.

'HACKJOB', you are SO predictable at, among many other things, BEING Sooooo F - Gullible !!
Jim (nothing to see here folks, move along) Kallstrom, is the same arse hole who said that anyone on the southern long island shore of suffolk county, NY, who saw Anything streaking skyward, was HALLUCINATING as it pertained to TWA 800 !
PLEEEEEASE 'HACKJOB', Never change !