Flying ULCC Cost Double What It Should Have


Oct 23, 2010
Well, you get what ya pay for. Those ULCC's love to brag about their ticket prices being so low, however, they are not showing the "total" cost up front. Sure their basic, basic, cheapest airfare's are cheap, but that does not include all the fees, options, perks, changes, taxes, baggage, carry-on etc. As told by this passenger that was nickled and dimed another $50 to get out of a hard plastic seat, plus an additional $50 again to bring his carry on. Once you add in all the fees, taxes and landing fees etc. the ULCC's cost is 99% of the time higher than SWA's ticket prices with the same advance purchase time frame, no seat upgrade is required, no carry-on fees or charges and of course bags fly free below. And for Frontier to cancel the flight back on you guys and not assist you in getting you back home says a lot. So that very affordable fee of $319 to get to the family event ended up costing more than double as well as a many lost hours (days actually) spent away from home stranded with no help, WOW!