Aug 19, 2002
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All this talk of overcapacity and too few flyers. Maybe the FED should come out with a temporary route freeze. I know there are airlines out adding capacity. Let''s say we all revert back to maybe 09/01/01 schedules or maybe 10/01/01. Some date when the before the airlines started adding all this excess capacity. After things shake out in the gulf airlines would then be allowed to add mybe 5 or 10% capacity depending on their performance or that of the economy. I don''t know but there would be some criteria or other. Again this is to be a temporary solution.
Just a thought..

Cart Pusher

Aug 20, 2002
Most of the airlines that are adding capacity are making money. I work for Alaska, and although we are not making money currently, our newest routes are outperforming the rest of the system. What point is their in "freezing" routes? The only thing that would do is protect carriers like AA and UA so that if and when they start rebounding they won't face stiff competition on their old routes, they will just be able to move right back in and take over the same way they were. As it stands now, low cost carriers are moving into areas that the major "full service" carriers are abandoning and making money doing so. Why should they be prevented from doing that? If the shoe were on the other foot, you can be sure that American would be moving in and elbowing out their competition.
Mar 3, 2003
What your suggeting,is re-regulation! That would be admitting that you've made a mistake! Since the Government never makes mistakes! Your suggestion is out of the question!