Fume Incidents

Dec 29, 2019
I was recently on a flight where we experienced a "fume incident".

Essentially the cabin air carried a strong odor (akin to old socks) for several minutes while in flight and we had to divert.

I've since educated myself and learned that these incidents happen from occasionally, I've also read that the fumes can be slightly toxic.

This got me thinking of possible ways to protect cabin crews and passengers. I have an idea for a consumer product that would essentially be a reusable water bottle with an integrated HEPA air-filter.

It could be used as a normal water bottle but would enable you to breath fresh, filtered air through a separate straw in the event that the cabin air becomes contaminated.

It would require no batteries and would be the size and shape of a normal bottle. I'm curious what your thoughts are on this idea?

Would those of you who are frequent fliers or cabin crew be interested in such a product?
Nope. Carrying an extra piece of gear I'll probably never need really doesn't interest me.