Fun in LGA tonight


Aug 19, 2002
This is where you break the heirarchy and just go over with a truck and deice the damned things.[BR][BR]There are, after all, about 150 express flights out of there.[BR][BR][BR]From Planes333:[BR][BR] mainline/exp/shuttle/total[BR]Charlotte/Douglas (Hub) 260 200 460 [BR]Pittsburgh Int'l. (Hub) 157 254 411 [BR]Philadelphia Int'l. (Hub) 211 172 383 [BR]New York LaGuardia 19 150 31 200 [BR]Ronald Reagan Washington National 38 98 29 165 [BR]Boston Logan Int'l. 29 40 30 99 [BR]Baltimore/Washington Int'l. (BWI) 15 29 44
Looks like LGA Express ops will be the ones hit tonight. How can someone not know that they are low/out of deicing fluid? Who gets the bonus for this one? [BR][BR][BR]Ground Stops from the OIS Website[BR]THIS IS FOR USAIR COMMUTER ACFT ONLY. USAIR MAIN CARRIER FLIGHTS ARE RELEASED. THIS IS ATTRIBUTABLE TO A LACK OF LEVEL 4 DEICING FLUID.[BR][BR][BR]I understand bad weather for longer than expected might cause problems, but this is the Northeast in Winter.... or did we just add too many Express flights that someone forgot to figure in the calculations?[BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][BR][B

I read a recent article, possibly in B/CA from November. Dow Chemical produces most of the de-icing fluid in use. There is a shortage of glycol right now because two of their glycol factories in the Bahamas were closed late summer for routine maintainance. On top of that, several tropical storms ruined the vegetation that is used in the production of glycol. Hence the shortage and subsequent Express troubles.