furlough f/a and cobra?



I am on the six month leave. I have been trying in vain to get information regarding Cobra, as our insurance is only for 120 day that leaves two months uncovered. Which expired March 31st. Anybody else having this problem? Suggestions?
The company should send you COBRA information as soon as you are not covered. There is a legal time period they have to do it in. It is pretty short, though I do not recall the exact length of time.
The plan administrator must notify "any qualified beneficiary" with respect to a qualifying event of his or her COBRA election rights within 14 days after it has been notified (by the employer or by a qualified beneficiary) that the qualifying event has occurred. If the plan administrator has not received notice that a qualifying event has occurred, they are not obligated to provide notice of COBRA election rights to the qualified beneficiary.

You have 60 days to decide if you will elect COBRA
Be sure you read your COBRA materials carefully. I know from my former company benefits manager that there is a period of time you can reinstate, I believe it''s either 45 or 60 days. So if it is 60 days and you are on a 6-month VF, you may not have to pay a premium. In other words, you have four months free and if you ride the last 60 days without paying the premium, you shouldn''t pay it unless you get sick or injured. That''s what she told me when I was going to FA training. So, technically I wasn''t insured during that time, but if something came up, I would simply pay the back premium and all would be fine. If the period of time is 45 days, I guess you would just have to make your own risk assessment based on your health history and proneness to accidents. Good luck.

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