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Aug 20, 2002

How come the moderators admonish the rest of us mere mortals if we dare to quote too much of a post we are responding to, yet USAir320Pilot is allowed to post the exact same thing, over and over, on multiple threads, ad nauseam, and even repeat himself IN THE SAME POST?


Jan 5, 2004
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If you look at, he will start brand new topics with the exact SAME information he has come up with, just a different newspaper. Go figure. Kind of worries me that he is flying airlplanes. :shock:


Dec 19, 2002
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I'm certain the new MEC will fall all over themselves to give training relief to the company as far as the "E" period goes. NOT!

The new negotiating committee may entertain the idea at, say, triple-time pay for and "E" session.

EVERYTHING is on the table. It always is and always was. The difference now is that the company will pay quid pro quo, or nothing gets changed.


Aug 20, 2002
USA320Pilot said:
If the IAM wins the grievance and there is no new labor accord between the IAM and the company, the Pittsburgh maintenance facility will close/move and there are reports the IAM will have a lot of pain. It's up to you and your counterparts as to what to do. Remember, Bronner said the restructuring will go forward "with or without employees."
Where are these reports about "pain?" Cite, please.

Unless all MX tracks will fit at CLT, the Pittsburgh maintainance facility is not going anywhere. US is losing cash, has junk bond status, and is unable to obtain favorable credit and/or float paper to finance a new facility. Indianapolis is not going to make the United mistake twice, and no matter where the PIT base might move to (if US could actually afford to move it), it will simply result in another series of seniority based bumps throughout the system.

Based on the lawsuit and arbitration, the company is extremely unlikely to get scope relief from a 1113 filing in the event of a Chapter 11 (assuming an IAM win on the Airbus greivance). Back to that pesky "good faith" thing again.

BTW, when can we expect the Airbus flying to go to Mesa?

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