Good Job


Feb 8, 2003
I Just wanted to compliment everyone at Airways for the great job you have been doing. You are the BEST airline in the industry and your passengers know it. On all of my recent flights all of my fellow passengers have been astounded by the excellent customer service provided to the from whomever they come in contact with.
On another note, though there are still things to be worked out, realize that Airways will soon be the shining star of the industry, through your sacrifices you have given life to the one airline thought to be destined to fail.
And lastly, I am very glad to hear that Airways will not be bringing back a LCC within the airline. frankly, many passengers simply to not like them, and I personally am getting sick of seeing them. Remember all of you bring somthing to the industry that has been lacking lately, Class.
Keep up the good work, and we passengers will continue to FLY THE FLAG!

Art at ISP

Aug 20, 2002
Dix Hills NY
Here Here--I second the motion most emphatically! US employees are the finest in the airline industry--and they proved it again today!!!

My thanks to gate agent Kay in CLT as well as the flight attendants on US 1290 RDU-PHL and the agent who met the flight at C23! Your concern and assistance helped me make my connection to ISP with 5 min to spare!

You folks make the difference! Keep it up!

My best to you all!

Now if the fare situation had been real I would not have had to fly CLT-RDU-PHL in the first place to make my connection to ISP--but you know what I say......