Good Luck with MS Allen!

May 29, 2003
United Names Jane Allen Senior Vice President, Onboard Services
Thursday May 29, 12:57 pm ET
Former Head of Largest Flight Attendant and Onboard Operation in the World

CHICAGO, May 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- United Airlines (OTC Bulletin Board: UALAQ - News) today announced that Jane Allen has been named senior vice president -- Onboard Services, with responsibility for United''s flight attendant, food and beverage and duty-free operations worldwide. Allen will assume her responsibilities at United on June 19, 2003, reporting to Pete McDonald, executive vice president - Operations.
Allen has served since 1997 as the head of Flight Service at American Airlines, where she was responsible for that company''s 24,000 flight attendants, including all management and operations at 22 bases in the U.S. and Latin America, as well as the company''s food/beverage/duty free operations worldwide. From 1992 to 1997, she served as American''s chief labor negotiator, leading collective bargaining agreement negotiations with unions representing flight attendants, pilots, mechanics and ground employees.

It is not only the scale of Jane Allen''s responsibilities that is impressive, it is the way in which she combines the ability to administer that operation while still maintaining a high level of quality contact with flight attendants, said McDonald. Jane has focused intently on extensive communications with flight attendants, and has earned a reputation for being honest, accessible and candid. Her experience has provided her with the ability both to view management''s priorities through the eyes of flight attendants, and to view flight attendants'' priorities through the eyes of management, giving her a critical perspective. With this skill, Jane will make a substantial contribution in helping United and its flight attendants continue to work together to build a stronger future.

I''m very pleased to be joining United at a moment when enormous opportunities are opening up for the company and its employees, said Allen. United''s flight attendants are delivering company records in customer service, and have made clear their commitment to the company, so I am looking forward to helping this company and its people become a sustainable and successful enterprise for the long term.

Allen joined American as an attorney in 1986, and became managing director of compensation and benefits in 1992, where she was responsible for the design, management and administration of American''s compensation and benefit programs company-wide. She was an attorney with the Dallas-based law firm of Haynes and Boone from 1981 through 1986. Allen, 51, is married and has one child.

United operates more than 1,550 flights a day on a route network that spans the globe. News releases and other information about United Airlines can be found at the company''s website, .
As if you guys in Flight Service didn''t have enough problems already....
If you didn''t already have enough of it be prepared for more lies and deceit. One thing I can say though is that you''re bound to see more creative and innovative "ideas" in this respect, it''s bound to either make your heads spin or make you laugh so hard you''d rupture a vein and suffer an aneurysm.
Well..dont they sat one mans garbage is another mans treasure...or something like that....
My best to you all in your future endevours w/ Mrs Allen...hopefully we broke her in a bit..The song and dance you are in for is one you have heard before..her past is no secret you at least know what you are up against...BUYER BEWARE...
All transactions are final, no exchanges or returns...
good luck..
To paraphrase:

"Our gain is your loss." Good luck to all of you, I''m afraid you are going to need it.
"Our gain is your loss." Good luck to all of you, I''m afraid you are going to need it.

This pretty much sums it up. She will look you in the eye, smile and lie right to your face, one of her last ones was when she was asked if her pension was protected and she said "NO", of course as soon as the SEC filing was made public she was on the HIT list. With her gone that''s 2 cards out of the deck gone. At least Arpey seems to be cleaning house and the broom couldn''t have swept out this piece of trash any quicker, Good luck, ya''ll gonna need it.

Really... Good luck with Jane Allen. We are so happy that she left American!
As a former TWA flight attendant, I can say one thing: we have been so badly treated at American by Don Carty, Ms. Allen and the little weasel John Ward

Ms. Allen went to UAL for the money, not for the employees.

Before our disgraceful vote, she was telling us that if we voted no, AA would go bankrupt and it would be our fault. Now she goes to UAL protected by Chapter 11; go figure!

So, good luck and don't expect any miracle!