Hainan Airlines


Jun 16, 2018
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I am a Director of two companies live in Melbourne, Australia.

I usually always fly business class to China with other airlines, for many years, which is usually a very pleasant experience.

On May 14, 2017, I booked a business class flight with Hainan Airlines from Melbourne to Qingdao.

I had NO alcohol prior to this as had just driven two hours from my home to the airport for the morning, a supposed business class flight.

I asked the air-hostess for a couple of drinks and consumed one small glass of Vodka and one glass of wine shortly after takeoff as a nervous flyer.

Without any reason I was then refused a drink by the air hostess until lunch time. I asked why and the air hostess just walked off.

Then at lunch time two hours later, the same thing and the air hostess said I can have a drink at dinner time some 6 hours later.

I had a witness, Ms Linda seated directly on the left side of the plane, who appeared was of Chinese descent and said she was from Adelaide. Ms Linda gave me her mobile number as witnessed the whole event. She said it was very poor of the airline and could not believe my treatment.

Some nine hours after not being served any alcohol at dinner time and after the initial three drinks an hour after take-off as previously stated, the air-hostess still said no alcohol and then another hostess just laughed and said we have run out of alcohol! They did not even offer me a meal!

This indeed seemed to be of some amusement for the cabin crew treating me this way and humiliating to say the least.

I then called for actual the co-pilot of the plane who was a very nice fellow called Mr Flavio Olivari who said I should get a refund as my treatment very poor and to mention his name. He said he could not make them serve me a drink but was very poor from the cabin crew. He can verify this is true as gave me his full name and spelling.

On my return business class flight home I brought my own small bottle of wine to drink as obviously even in business class Hainan Airlines does not allow you to drink more than one glass of alcohol.

However, my seat would not recline and there was no sound on the movie tablets so you could not watch a movie. The air hostess said sorry, that there was a problem with the electronics on the plane and could not also do anything about my seat reclining and no sound to watch a movie.

Never again will I fly with this disgraceful airline and would strongly encourage all to do the same.