Has my flight been cancelled?


May 9, 2020
Back in January I purchased 2 first class tickets on AA from PHL to YYC with a stopover in ORD for June 21 and returning on June 30. This morning I got a flight change email from AA with the stopover now in DFW. Times are about the same. The trip was a vacation in the Canadian Rockies which obviously isn’t going to happen. Out of curiosity I went on their website and as a guest, tried to book the same flight PHL-YYC on the same dates. No matches...

I called AA and requested a refund as it looks like the flight was cancelled and I just hadn’t been notified yet. I’d been waiting for them to cancel the flight for a while now to get the refund instead of credit. The rep told me the flight hadn’t been cancelled. I explained to her that no flights are showing on the website. She wouldn’t budge. She insisted the flight was still on and said I could cancel the flight and request a refund pending their approval.

My thinking is if I cancel I’ll just be offered flight credit instead of the $2300 I could really use now. Obviously, AA wants to keep my money as much as I’d like it back. We both need the money, however I need it more and it is my money. Am I gonna have to wait until I receive an official cancellation from the airline? Sorry about the long post. Thanks!



Jul 23, 2003
AA's DFW-YYC operated today, so your flights might not actually be canceled.

Whether or not you are allowed into Canada (currently only essential travel is permitted for US citizens) or have to go into self-quarantine on arrival is another matter. I have no idea if that restriction allows you a refund or not.