Help-help-help !

Aug 20, 2002
The info I seek is not for me. Thankfully I "ended" this disfuntional relationship by retireing 7 months ago.

The info I seek, is for a very good friend, AND from what my friend was told by HDQ, that he can still request Stand-in-Stead VIA JETNET, before midnite 1/1/05.

So my request goes out to you as follows;

Does anyone(TWU or otherwise) know how to register, ON JETNET, for stand-in-stead ?????????????????????????/

I've tried my dam*est to navigate JETNET, but keep coming up short.

Naturally in my friends station, The GM is no where to be found
NO supervisors have the faintest clue how to do it
HDQ, closed up wed. pm, until "next year"

If ANYONE has a clue about how to do this, It will be greatly appreciated !!!!!

Everyone would be justified, if they said, "Why did your friend WAIT until the eleventh hour, to make up his mind" ????? :shock: :shock: :shock:




Dec 1, 2002
The SIS program keeps changing. Depends on your title group. As I understand, the Dec 31 date is the last date to "back out" if already signed up for Jan. SIS (which is kind of a first-come-first served) thing. The Jan. SIS sort of had a closing date of Dec 23?????

In Jetnet if one is elgible to enroll in SIS the "online electin form" for the individual will be "active" (not locked out). If the individual is not elgible his/her form will not be active. Being...a SIS employee leaving can not be back filled. Must be a true staff reduction. So if work area does not need head count SIS available. Just depends on the job and job location.

To find in JetNet:
1. upper right corner, "search, type SIS.
2. Voluntary Programs (upper left).
3. Stand-in-Stead: Who is offering (upper right)
4. Online election form.

Says, certain TWU groups open until March of '05

SIS only good for 13 weeks pay max. Nothing else. Not a real big incentive but OK if ready to retire anyway. And best offer offered all day by AA.

Good luck.