Here are the attachments that hurt in the new loa for cwa


Aug 20, 2002
Attachment H
Hub Express Work and Internet Passenger Support
A. Within eighteen (18) months following the effective date of this LOA, US Airways Passenger Service work in CLT, PHL, PIT, and BOS, DCA, and LGA shall include Express Passenger Service gate/check-in work. The Company will create a separate classification group covering the Express Passenger Service employees in the six (6) locations identified above and such employees will perform normal and customary Express gate/check-in work as described in Article 4. A. 1. and 4. E., and any other Express station work. Employees working in Express classification shall be subject to pay and benefits under the Express classification tables as outlined in paragraph F. and G.
B. Express gate/check-in employees in BOS, DCA, and LGA may perform mainline passenger service gate/check-in work where mainline employees
are scheduled, but temporarily not available. Such Express gate/check-in employees shall not be scheduled to perform mainline duty assignments.
C. Express SAR work in CLT, PHL, and PIT will be accomplished by mainline SARs or employees covered by the Express classification.
D. Other than paragraphs A. and E., nothing in this LOA expands the scope provisions related to Express work and Reservations work in the CBA .
E. Within two years following the effective date of this LOA the Company shall establish an Internet Passenger Support classification group and such employees shall perform Internet Passenger Support work, including handling calls from passengers related to web site technical assistance and passenger assistance. Internet Passenger Support work will not include web site design, construction, modification, maintenance, text/content updates, or any other web site work not specifically related to passenger assistance calls.
F. Work rules and benefits for Express classification and Internet Passenger Support classification employees will be as provided for in the Mainline CBA including the restructuring modifications except as otherwise provided herein.
Express and Internet Passenger Support employees will:
1. be considered as Holiday Option I
2. be entitled to movement of personal household effects in the event that such employees may be entitled to any relocation benefits (for FT employees only)
3. be entitled to pension at 50% of a mainline employee
4. not receive the customer contact premium
5. be entitled to a maximum of 5 weeks of furlough benefits
Note: “Mainline†is considered to be any aircraft flown by US Airways Inc.
“Express†is considered to be any aircraft flown under US Airways Express designation.
G. CWA Express and Internet Passenger Support Classification Pay Rates.
Each step of the pay longevity scale will be increased by the same percentage as corresponding step of the mainline agent scale for future increases.
Seniority Years
Completed Base Hourly Rate
Start $8.86
1 $9.56
2 $9.90
3 $10.25
4 $10.59
5 $10.93
6 $11.28
7 $11.62
8 $11.96
9 $12.31
10 $12.91
11 $13.01
H. CWA represented employees may apply for Express and Internet Passenger Support vacancies and will be considered pursuant to Article 9 of the CBA.
I. In an effort to provide a smooth transition, the union agrees that the Company will have the right for a period of ninety (90) days following the initial transition in any location to accomplish such transition on an incremental “tranche†basis and may assign non-CWA employees.
J. For employees hired during the first six (6) months following the transition to Express Hub work, the Company may place new–hire employees with Express experience at other than the first step of the pay scale as deemed appropriate by the Company, but not on a pay step greater than what their previous Express seniority would have held. Such employees will move forward from that point of placement.

Non-Hub Station Express Work
A. In the event that Mainline jet service in a non-hub station (CLT, PIT, and PHL are hub stations) is replaced entirely with Express service, and where Passenger Service employees perform the Express work, the Passenger Service employees in that location may continue to perform the Express work and shall be part of the Express classification group. Employees working in the Express classification group shall be entitled to pay and benefits under the Express classification tables as outlined in Attachment H. In the event that a mainline location becomes an Express location as described above, such employees in seniority order may elect the Express positions. Any employee not electing an Express position or any employee not awarded an Express position due to the need for fewer employees and due to lack of seniority will be displaced under mainline rules.
B. The Company seasonally may add mainline flying into Express cities provided such flights do not exceed four (4) months of continuous flying in a calendar year.
C. Other than paragraph A., nothing in this LOA expands the scope provisions related to Express work in the CBA .

Attachment J
MidAtlantic Airways, Inc.
Parkridge One
1000 Commerce Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15275
August 10, 2002
Morton Bahr
Communications Workers of America
501 Third Street, N. W.
Washington, DC 20001-2797
Dear Mr. Bahr:
Mid Atlantic Airways, Inc. (“MDAâ€) hereby recognizes Communications Workers of America (“CWAâ€) as exclusive representative under the Railway Labor Act of the class or craft of MDA Passenger Service employees.
As to all other terms and conditions, as well as final language for the above, MDA will expeditiously negotiate a labor agreement with CWA on the following schedule:
1. At CWA’s request, negotiations will begin 21 days after the effective date of the 2002 restructuring agreement between CWA and US Airways. Also at CWA’s request, negotiations will begin later at a later date, provided that, in the event of such delayed negotiations, if the parties do not reach agreement by the date that MDA commences pilot training, MDA may implement rates of pay, rules and working conditions. Such implemented terms will be without prejudice to the positions of the parties in the negotiations, facilitation and arbitration specified below, and, without agreement of the parties, will not be considered as a benchmark or reference point for any terms that are subject to the negotiations.
2. If the parties are unable to complete an agreement within 60 days after the commencement of negotiations, they agree to facilitation and arbitration of open terms, to be completed within 120 days of the commencement of negotiations.
3. If no agreement is reached within 60 days from the commencement of negotiations, MDA and CWA will engage in facilitation with the facilitator/arbitrator “Neutralâ€) for up to 30 days.
4. If no agreement is reached within 90 days from the commencement of negotiations, the unresolved issues will be submitted to the Neutral for binding arbitration, with the process to be completed within 120 days of the commencement of negotiations.
5. The Neutral shall be selected in accordance with the following procedure:
(a) The parties will exchange lists containing seven acceptable names as suggested Neutrals.